TGH: Duke Nukem Forever Video Review

TGH Writes: "The time has finally come after many vaporware of the year awards. Duke is finally out of development hell and into the hands of millions. But is Duke Nukem Forever worth the 12 year waiting period? Lets find out."

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ShadyDevil2587d ago

Hail to the king baby! The game really is a 7/10-3.5 type of game. its good, but not spectacular or great.

DarkTower8052587d ago

I agree, 7/10 is what I would give it too. I just beat Octoking and so far I like this game. The humor is great and the graphics are good enough. Definately worth a rent, but not a buy.

DarkFantasy2587d ago

still worth a pick up once the price go's down,not mind blowing but entertaining :P