GameSpot- E3 2011: Miyamoto speaks his mind

GameSpot: "It was a huge Electronic Entertainment Expo for Nintendo this year. On top of promoting its 3DS lineup, the company formally announced a successor to the Wii, called the Wii U. GameSpot had a chance to speak with Mario creator and Nintendo senior managing director Shigeru Miyamoto about the company's handheld and its software, how The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary celebration came to be, and what the future holds for Nintendo's brand-new platform."

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InLaLaLand2497d ago

I guess he does but they (Nintendo) need a good replacement for him if he retires. He has done great wonders for Nintendo.

JaggedCarpet2496d ago

So the greatest game developer of all time needs to retire?
Do you realize all of the things that he has done for the gaming industry? More than anyone else, that's for sure.

Squatch832496d ago

The day he retires, will be a sad day for us all.

Knushwood Butt2496d ago

Sorry, but the guy is no longer relevant. His interviews are incoherent and contradicting. He should retire or, if he had the guts, set up on his own.

'Well, I'm really seeing a couple of different tendencies in 3DS software, and one is that the system itself is, I think, a great system, where games that we've released in the past can be remade and really take on new meaning, and there are new ways to make them fun. But on the other hand, at this point, what we're also looking at of course is creating new installments in existing franchises.'.

Yay! Ports and sequels.

'What my passion is, or really what I want to do, is to really try to blaze a trail for where video games can go in the future'.

What? You are blazing a trail by pumping out ports and sequels? Really?