The 3DS eShop, or why Nintendo has no f*cking clue "I am an idiot. Some of you are reading this now and your first thought is, "He finally admits it!" However, I have a specific reason for this self-deprecating opener. There was some part of me -- some naive, doe-eyed, expectant part of me -- that truly thought Nintendo was going to get its act together with the 3DS eShop.

For possibly demented reasons, when I heard that Nintendo intended to make serious strides with its digital offerings and give us something to make the 3DS a worthy download platform, I actually wanted to trust it. I wanted to think Nintendo knew what it was doing, had learned from its mistakes, and would kick righteous amounts of downloadable arse.

So like I said, I'm an idiot."

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category names like "For The Win" and "Nuthin' But Action,"

loooool, anyone with a ds can put up what kind of games are under "for the win", i mean cmon whats that even mean