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Recon Entertainment's Marissa gives her review of Duke Nukem Forever.

"I have absolutely no idea what the f*ck happened with this game, Duke Nukem Forever is the WORST game I have ever played."

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MehmetAlperTR2559d ago

Well done.. Game is just a crap..

TheEatingChampagne2559d ago

the real sentence is hail TO the king so you failed

mastershredder2559d ago

I think at this point Duke needs to be price pointed at 20 bucks in the stores or at least on Steam. There is NO WAY I am going to pay full $60 price for this game (not even out of nostalgic respect for Duke or 3D Realms). Gearbox can suck it if they think they are going to try and milk what cash they can out of the name. Especially when the game was just handed off to them to finish up and "polish".

I'm okay with Duke being subpar, outdated, or even a dinosaur at this point. Duke and Lo Wang were kinda the poster children for that persona anyway. I'll still play it (when I get to it, I waited this long), but asking the gaming populace to pay full entry is asinine. Gearbox seriously under delivered on this one, they should have been more straight forward about what they were releasing rather than running with the Duke hype. No f-ing wonder they delayed it further themselves and tacked on features that still are not worthy of the entry pricing. Content size and mass does not equal substance. This is a great freak'n example.

CrazyJ2559d ago

So wait you just ripped on a game so hard you have yet to even play? I just beat the game last night which took me around 13 hours on hard. I enjoyed it quite a lot but I'm not someone who gets offended by objectifying women in a non serious way as this game does. The whole game is a parody type game that's built around building up Duke Nukem's ego. The game makes wise cracks about everything and is rude and lewd but that's what I expect from a Duke 3d sequel. Duke makes many references to pop culture gaming and each one is funny in that offensive I can't believe he said that way. Also while going through the game I had flashbacks of feeling like I was playing Half-Life. It was a new unique adventure. Makes me really wonder how that game would score if it were to be reviewed today without it's history.

This reviewer actually complained in her review that it had too much variety of game play. Sounds like all she was interested in was a shooter. She even complains about an underwater section. umm hello Duke Nukem 3D had an underwater section too. I also found it quite inventive that you have to tackle some levels as a shrunken down person. It gives you a new perspective on the level. Whereas I think some people get bent up thinking this sucks now I'm a wuss and this once easy room is now the next level but I've already seen it all.. boring.

The game is not perfect I'd give the single player part an 8 as it could use a bit more polish but the story was fine and the major game play mechanics were good and I'm glad that Gearbox finally released it. The game also ships with a lot of old videos and making of timeline which is cool for people who are interested in the development of this game. I have yet to play the online part of the game which is what Gearbox added.

Do I think it's worth $60, well no because I don't think the console ports do it justice. Do I think it's worth the $50 for the PC version, Yes. Especially if you enjoy the game's sense of humor. I can see the game being a cult hit but a general public miss like Deadly Premonition.

mastershredder2558d ago

I did not buy the game. I have played it. I have not played through it. I've been waiting and following DNF for a long time. I've seen and experienced enough of the game to draw my own conclusions.

I don't doubt that the game will have its "Duke" moments, but they are not worth 60 or 50 dollars.

Spiders2558d ago

For years now us game enthusiasts have been clamoring to have games recognized as artforms and as worthy media for telling a good story as a painters canvas, a movie theatre, a good song, or even the written word.

This has set our cause all the way back to square one.