Three Cheers for the Vita

Leo Rubiano is extremely excited for the PlayStation Vita and explains why you should be too.

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blitz06232442d ago

This thing's the real deal

tplarkin72442d ago

They should have named it "Viva".

Vita sounds like something you would eat. "I'll take a chicken vita with ranch on the side."

dredgewalker2442d ago

Lol I used to drink a chocolate drink named Vita when I was a kid so I'm not really happy that the new portable has the name of a drink. It really sounds like a consumable product rather than a high tech gadget. NGP sounded a lot better, but as long as the Vita can deliver the names not gonna be much of a problem.

bwazy2442d ago

Vita reminds me of some sort of accessory to the Brita water filter.

Bull5hifT2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I said a hip , hop,A hippy to da hippy da hip, hip hop and you dont stop a rocking to bang bang boogy say upchunk the boogy to the rythm of the boogy da beat , skippity bebop , we got scooby doo , guess what america we love you ....... A Queefer is a P***-e Fart and vita rhymes with PETa which reminds me of these Flat Bread Things filled with Crap or Some Woman Rights People talking bout FUR

StbI9902443d ago

Viva la Vita...

The three pieces you need for the cheers xD

TheLastGuardian20102442d ago

Vita....ugh. Still a horrible name.

jony_dols2442d ago

Meh, I remember how people laughed at the Wii's name when Nintendo announced it...and we all know how well the Wii has sold, despite it's crummy name!

As long as the specs & the games are good, I couldn't give a shit about the name. Anyway people will just end up calling it the PSV, which practically rolls off the tongue! (except if your an Ajax supporter!)

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The story is too old to be commented.