Battlefield 3 European Release Date

Battlefield 3 Release Date in Europe to be October 28th. This is 3 days after the North American Release.

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rabidpancakeburglar2465d ago

Not surprising considering the usual days of release in the US(tuesday) and UK(friday).

PlayStation X2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Europe is usually Wednesday (UK Friday), can't say I'm disappointed since I'm used to this crap but big games should always be world wide released I'm fed up of Americans constantly getting games and everything else before us.

PlayStation X2465d ago

Either way I'll have my 360 reflashed by then so I'll probably get to play it early then buy a legit version for PS3 on release.

ATiElite2465d ago

I will have been playing BF3 for 72 hours straight before Europe.

I got a weeks worth of Nodoz, Starbucks, and mountain dew on standby for OCt 25 2011

Pandamobile2465d ago

I hope that's not during midterms D:

Mr Tretton2465d ago

Ati dude, so, basically you have no life?

leogets2465d ago

not so bad least the servers will get fully tested so europeans dont get issues ;)


Ahh well our american brothers need some practice before we whoop their candy asses all over back to karkland!

Jovahkiin2465d ago

This always happens, they'll get a few ranks ahead of us and have a massive advantage over us while we're new and trying to get to terms with the game. It makes us Europeans bitter and will probably turn a few people off.

On homefront there were some people that reached top rank in the 3 days and bad company 2 there were level 20's when I started. But i suppose its kinda like playing Rainbow six on realistic, it has to make you a better player in the long run!