Nintendo: Everything Old is New Again

Greg A. of writes, "E3 has left all of us, the Nintendo crowd, with great feelings of joy. To be sure, Nintendo has been on a downward slope for some time – one needs only to look at the sales of the 3DS – but has now come back with a vengeance, so I think it's time for a little dose of reality. For my own part, the news of an HD console did not make me stand up and cheer; neither did the new controller. Don't get me wrong, I thought the debut video of the Wii U was pretty slick and I'm looking forward to all the cool things that developers will be able to do with it. Still, what excited me most was seeing Arkham City as an announced game for the Wii U. Finally, I thought, all the types of games that I've never gotten to play will soon be mine. Despite all my fan-boy qualities and the love I carry for Mario, Zelda, MarioKart and other Nintendo franchises, the best thing I have to look forward to with Nintendo's new console doesn't really have anything to do with Nintendo."

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AronDeppert2407d ago

I'm really excited to see some legit 3rd party support for Nintendo. I just hope it lasts!

Moduserous2407d ago

I'd love to see some new 1st party ip from Nintendo.

2407d ago
RoboSpiff2407d ago

I cant wait to play the wiiu

Keith Olbermann2407d ago

"Everything Old is New Again"

They can say that every gen. Rehash...rehash..

V0LT2407d ago

Exactly. That is all Nintendo knows how to do.

I'll use Mario as a reference of an abused mascot.

NYC_Gamer2407d ago

they been here since the 80's and still fail to deliver new franchises

Spenok2407d ago

Its not really that they can say it every gen. They have been making these games non stop. So its never been old... Lol. Still great titles though.

Honky Kong2407d ago

Nintendo has a real legacy....

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