Xenoblade Chronicles : a ton of localized screenshots

Nintendo of France hast just delivered the first screenshots of Xenoblade's french version.

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Becko2589d ago

I can't believe NoA can't be honest and answer a simple yes / no question, when asked at E3 if this game would ever come to NA,

laaakokaracha2589d ago

I know this makes me so mad !

whats the point of not mentioning it at all at E3?

its imo the best rpg made in the past 10 years for nintendo...

The Great Melon2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Nintendo likes to frustrate us. All the games that I would buy aren't being localized. OK Nintendo if you don't like money I guess that's your problem. It's not like you actually have to localize it for a release in the Americas since you are already releasing it in Europe.

Redempteur2589d ago

woah some screenshots ... the translation seems accurate .

i wonder how many "swimmers being attacked by wolves " quests there are ... anyway.

laaakokaracha2589d ago

so release date in europe is september?

I finnished it in japanese...of course I didnt get anything but I couldnt wait for it

maniac762589d ago

You guys know it will come to u.s,stop trippn lol