The Famas is Nerfed. Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Assault Rifle

David Vonderhaar, Treyarch's design director, tweeted earlier that the Famas is nerfed in the upcoming update for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Changes to the Famas include tweaks on ADS raise time, hip fire accuracy reduction, more gun kick (so less accurate) and slightly slower re-center speed. The fire rate, damage, range and magazine size will stay the same.

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zeal0us2564d ago

funny how they w8 till now to nerf the famas. If they was going to do, it should be before the first map pack was out.

glad I rarely the gun, so it won't affect my gameplay plus xbl sub is going out next month anyway back to offline gaming.

CodCom2564d ago

They've been continuously tweaking the game and it was only matter of time before they tweaked the most complained about weapon.

Even though it's a bit late, I'm glad they made the adjustment.

captain-obvious2563d ago

wow it took them this long to nerf this ???

this should have been done LOOOOOOOONG time ago

DevilishSix2563d ago

WRONG codcom the most complained about and overpowered weapon in the whole damn game is the ak74u and they have done nothing about it yet.

Stevo912563d ago

@Develish Six

WRONG! They nerfed the AK-74u a long time ago, so get your facts right next time.

Takoulya2563d ago

What they did to the AK-74u was nothing at all. They nerfed the grip. Everyone using the AK-74u uses rapid fire anyways. The game's still very badly balanced.

Electroshocked2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Wow, that was my primary weapon, but I haven't played CoD: BO for a while, so I'm not to bothered.

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zeddy2563d ago

i've never noticed this so called over powered gun. been using it on and off and its an okay weapon. it already has some kick and sway. i use the enfield which nobody ever mentions but that gun is the most accurate/powerful weapon in the game.

MrCrimson2562d ago

I'm sure you're horrific then.

DirtyLary2563d ago

Dont matter.

Scorpion ftw!

J_Cob2563d ago

I prefer Sub-Zero . . . :|

Tr10wn2563d ago


Spitfire_Riggz2563d ago

I liked the famas in MW2 as a 3 burst rifle

Takoulya2563d ago

Yeah, because that wasn't cheap either...

Spitfire_Riggz2563d ago

No it wasnt cheap. The M16A4 was the one that had enough power to kill with only those 3 shots. Famas was weak thats why it was a starter rifle. Accurate

Takoulya2563d ago

It was a one burst kill to the chest. Same as the M16.

GalacticMuffin2563d ago

Even though I hate Activision and their business practices, this minor tweek and the leaked DLC image have kind of restored some of my respect for COD. I mean, I honestly thought they were going to drop Black Ops like a sack of potatoes after MW3's reveal, but I guess I was wrong. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying though, I still have close to no respect for Activision and their development teams, I just think it's pretty cool that they haven't entirely forgotten about Black Ops.

FlashXIII2563d ago

They'd drop the chance to make $$$ just because they announced MW3? That's not very Activision like at all. I'd expect at least one more DLC map pack before MW3 is out if not two.

NiKK_4192563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

That's how it SHOULD be

MrCrimson2562d ago

Easy when its your mothers credit card.

AtomicGerbil2563d ago

Well done, *slow clap* only 6 months late.

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