Kinect Made My Girlfriend a Gamer writes, "Last night after I arrived back home with my girlfriend, I decided to put L.A. Noire into my console while she booted up her laptop. In the very first few months of our dating, this exact same scenario would have quickly turned into her making a joke about video games or her completely ignoring what’s going on in the game. To my surprise, she actually moved from her seat to sit next to me, following along in the story."

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slavish32441d ago

i second that. I got kinect for my girlfriend and she liked it. I was shocked go figure. Even she was surprised. Kinect is for non games as of now

anh_duong2441d ago

You are shocked you bought your gf a present she liked?

sdtarm2441d ago

congratulations now you are both geeks happy?

slavish32441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

most girls don't like games. I was shocked how much she liked it.

Tips: Next time u should read the article, then review the comments, and then make a comment !!!!!!!!!!! :P

P.S. captain-obvious I don't know where u live but I play games in my 1st living room.

lunicmaster2441d ago

LOL someone that plays kinect games is a gamer?

stickskills2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

The article states more than just Kinect games.

NiteX2441d ago

Yeah... I would call them more along the lines of a... Kinecter?

Godmars2902441d ago

No point in asking if the girlfriend is doing more than playing Dance Central and helping out on L.A. Noire? Is actually playing the latter or other non-kinect related games? Nevermind the argument that it can be said that Noire was made to appeal in part to non-gamers and she's only a semi-participant.

Don't get me wrong, it nice that he and other gamers might have managed to get their significant other to share their interest, but honestly, why fool yourselves?

Silly Mammo2441d ago

My wife does EA Active 2, but I still wouldn't call her a gamer.

gamingdroid2441d ago

She moved from Kinect games to LA Noire. Give her 6 more months and she might be pawning your @ss in Gears 3!

montyburns0002441d ago

you would be amazed at how many girls have been playing gears1/2 since 06'. not uncommon for a nights session of gears to include a few chicks in our party. some of them are pretty damn good too.

Focker4202441d ago

What is pawning?? She takes your stuff and sells it??

Megaton2441d ago

Why does it always have to be a matter of converting the girlfriend? Maybe you should be looking for girls with similar interests -like gaming- in the first place. So many articles make it sound like real girl gamers are unicorns.

stickskills2441d ago

Did you read the article though? Talks about the social stigma that was once placed on girls who played games, and how it was realized it's completely ridiculous.

bwazy2441d ago

Please the only reason I'd play kinect is if my arms got blown off and i had to use broom handles as replacements.

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