Madden NFL 12 - The Subtle Changes

SegmentNext - "Madden games have always been great, and to be honest not many would be surprised by angry and over-raged protesters because too much change was implemented in a new Madden game. Well, there will be certain changes, but the changes are thankfully subtle and will surely make the entire experience more realistic and better".

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wiggles2590d ago

lol by Subtle the article means probably won't effect the game that much.

So again, EA will ship the same madden as last year with minor improvements, and once again it will be a big hit

Armyntt2590d ago

Im actually a big Madden fanboy. If there isnt really any differences between all these Maddens this gen then play like Madden 07 and this years. Itll look totally revamped. Not to mention they have very small development window to make their game and i think they do a fine job.

lsujester2590d ago

You didn't read the article very well, did you? It also said that the jerseys will get stained. That one point means it is an entirely different football game from last year, thereby making it the best football game since 10-Yard Fight.

Geez, don't you know anything? :)

MintBerryCrunch2590d ago

the jerseys get dirty again....SO REAL!

Checkmate2590d ago

Subtle? This whole franchise needs a major facelift!

djcitizend2590d ago

Also new added modes: Game fixing (only available to wealthy franchises) and Favre watch.