Previews, Do They Spoil Our Games? — Platform Nation

Jordan Silva from Platform Nation writes: I understand that developers have to give out information, and new screenshots to keep consumers interested in their product, but sometimes its a little too much. At least for me, in some aspects.

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disturbing_flame2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

For some games i don't even look news, or ingames gameplay...

Yes for some games, the biggest scenes are now the trademark for maketing, it happens that also that some trailers spoils about 70% of their content before release.

I don't talk also about those "50 minutes of gameplay" here + "30 minutes of gameplay" theren we can watch during the promotion of the game.

It's like E3, there's no more surprise, it seems that no one can keep a secret or make a correct promotion around a secret.

NYC_Gamer2563d ago

you are not forced to read/watch previews