3DSo What? Presenting the PlayStation Vita -

In fourth-quarter 2011, Sony will launch their next-gen handheld, placing it in direct competition with the Nintendo 3DS.

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stragomccloud2530d ago

"3DSo What? Presenting the PlayStation Vita"

I bet there was an article called this years ago:
"DSo What? Presenting the PlayStation Portable"

We all know how that turned out. Better hardware doesn't always make the better games. Look at the DS! Of course, although there are many PSP games that could never be run on the PSP hardware, there are also games for the DS that couldn't really have run on the PSP because of the interface.

Why does everything have to be a war with these people?!
Lets move on!!! Who cares who's %"&%"$ is bigger! Let's grow up and play some games..... that sounds a little ironic.

buckley2530d ago

Then there would be nothing to write about! :-)

supremacy2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

psp was very limited in gameplay, and in addition was more expensive and highly pirated.

Ofcourse not sayig the vta will be un-hackable by any means.

But it wont be as limited as the psp, gameplay wise its the most versatile handheld to date. Even more so than the 3DS based on what we know thus far.

Add easier development and lower costs at that, and you got yourself a winning formula that just wasn't there before.

This is different, records are meant to be broken and we live for the future not the past.

If anything the past only serves as experience which by the looks of it Sony has made good use off and applied the creation and game plan of their next gen portable.

MasterCornholio2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

What i dont understand is why people like you choose to ignore the flashcarts for the DS? I mean the DS was a lot easier to hack than the PSP anyone with 30 euros can buy an R5 cart and download 3DS games directly into it. And all you have to do is plug it in and presto instant pirated games on the DS. Both the DS and PSP sufferd heavily from piracy but for some reason people choose to ignore the flash carts for the DS.

If you can explain it to me i will be very grateful.

supremacy2527d ago

I dont ignore it, i know its there. But when you are speaking to fanboys or other uninform people on here you have to pretend like it isnt there just so they can listen to what you are saying.

I know, i know its all silly. But i figure if i pretend they will listen.

Believe me i know about DS troubles, thats nothing new to me.