ClassicRadar: 10 LEGO games we'd love to see

Nobody really expected Lego Star Wars to be as good as it was, or to sell as well as it did, when the game dropped in 2005. Since then, the Lego-game dynasty has grown to include Indiana Jones and Batman, both based on existing Lego toy lines, and both fun despite being essentially the same game.

However, Lego's fast running out of marketable licenses. And with its increasingly same-y action-platformers in danger of eventually falling victim to diminishing returns, it's time for the Lego brand to defy convention, tap its true potential and branch out in bold new directions. (Unless, that is, you really want to see a Lego Speed Racer game. Based on the 2008 movie. Yeah, that's what Gamesradar thought.)
Gamesradar is talking, of course, about adapting other awesome licenses. Here's what Gamesradar suggests.

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