Mother Calls EA ‘Motherf*ckers’

Kotaku writes: The gaming provocateur (and World of Warcraft power user) Athene says his mom wanted him to post this. It sounds like it came from the man himself, except for the part where she stutters over the pronunciation of the company's name at the beginning.

This is apparently a reaction to the twin fiascoes of Crysis 2's delisting from Steam and the big big blowup over Battlefield 3's preorder DLC, which E-E-A-Agames simmered down when it said it would offer all that shit for free down the line.

Moms and EA: It's not the warmest of relationships.

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NYC_Gamer2319d ago

EA will learn once and for all because not many will support origin

flankhim2319d ago

This is too awesome. I wish I could get my grandma to do this.

evrfighter12319d ago

awesome old lady troll is awesome

Kon2319d ago

So if i record my mom cursing a video game company and post it on a site this would make an article too?

Hanuman2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Yes, It's that easy.. Go ask her!

SilentNegotiator2319d ago

But moooooooooom, I wanna be famous on the internets!

beast242tru2319d ago

LMMFAO she seems a little coocoo

Phantasm2319d ago

WoW, the word has even spread to grandma.

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The story is too old to be commented.