Weekly Sales Analysis, 11 June 2011 - InFamous 2, Duke Nukem

VGChartz writes: After 15 long years Duke Nukem Forever hits the streets with lackluster sales. The Wii price cut effect is wearing off sales as sales drop by 51,000 (-22%). Hardware sales are down across the board, with the Wii suffering the biggest drop. This is the last week the Xbox 360 will be up year on year as next week will be one year since the Xbox 360 S launched. The Wii passes the 87 million mark and the 3DS crosses the 3 million mark. Other than the PlayStation 3, software sales are down week on week and year on year. Software milestones this week: Wii Sports passes 77 million; and Mortal Kombat (PS3) crosses the one million mark. Seven games sold over 100,000 and the top 14 sold over 50,000.

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NewMonday2444d ago

inFAMOUS 2 was released on PSN in the same week as retail, this must be the first time for a new game.

Nitrowolf22443d ago

Mass Effect 2 was released the same day to but i can see since it being an old game still.

2443d ago
zinkabass2443d ago

Well,.. Infamous 2 is really a beast of a game,.. so I am glad it is doing well,.. Will also probably have some really long legs,.. (I actually bought infamous 1 once it was in platinum games already,.. and I instantly fell in love with the series)

zinkabass2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

disagrees :)3shitty fanboys, they be pissed off and mad ,..go pet Skittles, he will calm you down.. lololo

AdmiralSnake2443d ago

Good to see Infamous 2 doing good for its first week. The free Infamous give away on the playstation store must have helped a lot.