PS Vita or Mobilize the PS3 with GAEMS G155

Product-Reviews writes: The new PlayStation handheld is set to be released at the end of the year, but comparing the GAEMS G155 vs. PS Vita, how small would you go for PS3 graphics?

The upcoming GAEMS G155 will provide owners of the slim PlayStation 3 with a 15.5-inch 720p LED display, while the upcoming PlayStation Vita is promising PS3 type graphics on an 5-inch display. Obviously the PS Vita is truly portable, while using the G155 requires a power socket. There is not much difference in price, but the Gaems G155 allows you to use the games and equipment you already have. If you had $250 to $300 to spend, which device would it go on?

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Solidus187-SCMilk2586d ago

I would probably bring this tv thing nowhere.

SilentNegotiator2586d ago

You'd have to carry a car battery around and take breaks every 5 minutes to avoid a fire due to an utter lack of vents.

Vita please.

sloth33952586d ago

dont u need a power sorce for the G155 to work where as the Vita has one built into it

beast242tru2586d ago

ima wait for the vita that looks like a ylod waiting to happen either that or getting mugged by a video gaming hobo

mttrackmaster382586d ago

Where are the vents? How does it close on the ps3(the ps3 has a curved top)? Only a 15 inch screen? Who the fuck is stupid enough to get this?

Satish132586d ago

This doesn't have: Wireless N / 3G, front & back camera, But more importantly doesn't fit in my pocket :)

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