Surprise, Alice: Madness Returns shows up on Steam after all

PCGAMER: What the heck is up with EA and Steam? First they’re buddy-buddy, then EA launches Origin (at this point little more than a new coat of paint on the EA Download Store) and games start disappearing off of Steam. EA blames Steam and Valve, Valve says not a lot about anything.

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NYC_Gamer2590d ago

Steam=the heart of PC gaming and EA better realize that

MAJ0R2590d ago

well it just means more sales for them, MS finally realized this with GFWL and I'm sure EA will as well

TheLastGuardian20102590d ago

why do i get the feeling that the people who disagreed with you are the same people who simply looked at the review scores and deemed this game poor without even playing it?

Solid_Snake-2590d ago

agreed. this game is amazing.

T3MPL3TON 2590d ago

It's not a surprise.
Nobody is gonna leave Steam for EA's shitty DRM filled Origin.
It's that simple. EA needs to learn their place.

PirateThom2590d ago

Quick question because I'm really not sure of specifics... how is Origin any more DRM filled than Steam?

T3MPL3TON 2590d ago

You can in the very least play games offline with Steam.

A true DRM which is what EA is using doesn't allow you to play the game offline. Not even single player.

PirateThom2590d ago

From what I do understand of the service and doing a bit of reading up on it, once you download a game via Origin, you don't even have to have the client running to load the game, unlike Steam where the client running is a requirement. Alice, as an example, has a one time online activation, be it via Origin or Steam.

yamzilla2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Steam is the only, the ONLY, online retailer, brick and mortar AND digital, that commands RESPECT!

It kills xboxlive, gamestop, bestbuy, psn, target, walmart
ect. ect. ect.

EA really does not want to lose steam,

40 million users who all buy stuff, I have over 100 steam games alone.

Baka-akaB2590d ago

sorry but places like GoG deserves respect too ...

Steam dwarves them obviously , but there is still plenty room for others to exist

DeeZee2590d ago

Cool, I have the game on PC and I'm loving it, reminds me of an old-school platfomer with a dark twist. Although, I understand how some people might not be into it.

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