Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Review (PCGAMER)

As the girl with the bow, fellow archers in the treeline are your targets. You pop up from cover, arrow nocked, taking them down one headshot at a time. That clears the path… mostly… for your friend with the sword to dash in. Pity nothing’s never quite so easy. Out of nowhere, a minotaur charges and you’re down, crawling and hammering the button to stay alive until your friend gets a second to turn and sling one of his precious resurrection vials your way – salvation with a side of mana to return the favour with a magically charged Battle Boost.

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Jocosta2557d ago

I am enjoying this game,reminds me somewhat of Enclave back in the day.

GuruStarr782557d ago

68... thats being generous.... I sold this game the day after I bought it.... sucks because I really wanted to like it and I thought Bethesda would give us something really good.

Fragger2k82557d ago

Why do so many people not understand that there is a huge difference between developer, and publisher? =|

This game doesn't seem too bad, though. It looks like it's fun.

banjadude2556d ago

Ironically, my local EB Games manager told me about the credit option for buying this game. Basically, I had 1 week to finish it, and I get 100% value back, towards another game.

Sadly though, when I tried the game for a good 4 hours... I just couldn't get into it. The graphics were so hard on the eyes, and the combat mechanics were so clunky!

So yeah, I agree with you JQM78. I really wanted to like it too, because I had the game pre-ordered since January!

mobijoker2556d ago

This game is in real need of patching to make it playable and to go easy on the eyes.