3DS and Vita: A Real Comparison

Having a graphics comparison between the Vita and Nintendo 3DS is like having a comparison between a Playstation 3 and a Nintendo 64. There's no way the Nintendo 64 can compare graphically, yet, some of it's games are masterpieces and could give even the best PS3 games a run for their money. So I decided to give the two systems a proper comparison. In this article the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS are put side by side. Game line-ups, features, design, potential, and overall value are compared instead of graphics. Read on for a proper, non-fanboy comparison.

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Pikajew2586d ago

People buy same systems to play games not for the extra stuff it has

So 3DS wins in my book

blackburn102586d ago

So what are we going to play on the VITA? Records?

jdfoster002586d ago

'games' exactly... that's why psv will win... 3DS HAS A shocking amount of games to it's name just rehash after rehash of mario time and time and again they most milked game in history... Psv has loads of games to it's name to launch with it unlike the 3ds and it's crappy hardware and 3d that gives you headaches every 5 mins

rexbolt2586d ago

so wait the 3ds hard ware is trash yet u get happy in what psp ganes loook like? dont tell me u thing ghost of sparta looks better then re? and the 3d is great better then those worthles touch pads on the vita

Brasi822586d ago

"3d that gives you headaches every 5 mins" I'm extremely tired of this myth. I play games in 3D on my 3DS and PS3 and only have minor problems the first 5minutes, and I have astigmatism.

Biggest2585d ago

I would prefer to have no problems. But I don't usually have eye problems. Maybe you're just more tolerant.

miyamoto2585d ago

Lol on the people that think the Vita's O.L.E.D. touch screen is just for show and bragging rights.

The OLED screen is one very important & vital component of the PlayStation Vita that makes the PSVita ... the Vita.

Let me explain.

Graphical & Technical Excellence.
Anyone in his right mind knows that OLED is the golden standard by which screens will be measured. Because of its natural characteristics, it displays images with natural colors that are easy on the naked eyes to behold. Its looking at nature itself or natural light that won't hurt your eyes or give you head aches.

Battery Power Saving.
Because OLEDs are the source of the screen colors themselves, they don't need a separate layer of LEDs to back light them up like the 3DS have.

The PSVita will be the greenest gaming machine ever built.

Very Thin & Light Weight Build.
Another crucial criteria for making the ultimate pocket machine. Ever wondered why the Samsung Galaxy S2 is thinner & lighter than the iPhone 4? the answer is ........... OLED :)

Multi-Angular Viewing.
OLED just makes sense. If you have a portable gaming machine with six axis, accelerometer & gyroscope game play control mechanics you need a screen that displays the same colors in whatever angle you look at it during game play. The OLED does exactly this! No other current LCD screen technology can do this.

Future Proofing.
Anyone in his right mind knows that OLED is the wave of the future for 2D & 3D displays alike. And if you design your portable gaming device to have a 10 year life span, then you need a screen that will stay relevant in 2021. Wow!

Ladies and gentlemen the OLED screen is there for a lot of practical, logical & sensible reasons. Its not just for display.

OLED ties up many of the features that make the PS Vita one of the most S.E.E. (Safe, Efficient & Economical) piece of gaming hardware I have ever known & seen.

On the software side it has the potential to be the most balanced gaming platform of all time!!!

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GamersRulz2586d ago

So What do you think PSV is? a washing machine!!

N4SIR2586d ago

lol with a tag like Pikajew, of course you would buy the 3DS over a vita!

you'll also buy mario kart 3ds, new super mario bros 3ds, pokemon 3ds, metroid 3ds, zelda 3ds, kirby 3ds, smash bros 3ds! am i right?

i bet there won't be a 3rd party game in your collection!

SpartanPrince2586d ago

so no one used the ps2 for dvds and cds?
or the the ps3 and xbox for netflix, dvds, etc? It may not be the most important feature but its definitely important. And even if you want to talk about games the 3ds is not as strong in the game front when compared to the vita and the vita will continue to get games with easy porting capabilities, new types of gameplay, and cheap and easy development

Takoulya2586d ago

Exactly. If anything, the 3DS focuses too much on something unnecessary: 3D. I'm not saying that 3D is a bad thing, in fact, I'd love to have it on the PSV, but not when it restricts actual battery life, development time, resources, etc...

I feel the same about PS Move on PS3 and Augmented Reality features on both the new handhelds.

Graphics2586d ago

You do no 3d can be disabled, I play SSF4 on 3ds all the time without the 3d...

StbI9902585d ago

Then what is the point of buying a 3DS to play with 3D off? LOL

Vita for me, 3DS lite later on, sheeps get dicked earlier for some reason ;)

jdfoster002585d ago

Yeah and movies... Forgot you could watch movies on psvita a bit like a portable tv too!

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coryok2586d ago

i agree, people buy to play the games, that why vita wins, vita has better games.

sure zelda was a good game a long time ago and it will probably be good again, but ive played it, its not bolstering the lineup at all. they need to give me new experiences, thats a place where nintendo sucks, they have been milking mario for 20 years and dont offer much in diversity

Solidus187-SCMilk2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

I just dont see myself playing away from home that much so one will do for me, if I get a handheld at all. Im 25 and had no desire for another handheld until I saw the 3ds/vita and wanted one suddenly.

But this article is kinda off saying its a n64. it has enhanced n64 ports yes, but it is much more capable than a n64. I guess this guy doesnt know much about the n64 or he hasnt see that resident evil game with Jill on 3ds that I saw the other day. It was much better than a n64.

However the vita is more powerful than the 3ds it seems but its the games that matter. I would get both if I actually had alot of opportunity to play when away from home. I could get both and play at home but I already have too many games at home on 360, ps3 and PC.

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whitezagetsu712586d ago

PSV will be awesome if it has naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm, GTA4, batman AC, and some hreat rpgs in its line up

Technical World2586d ago

Comparing N64 and he PS3???? Whoever wrote this needs to lay off the drugs. A DS to Vita would be like an N64 compared to a PS3. Graphically it's more like Wii vs PS3, and it has 3D graphics compared to the ordinary screen of the Vita. Not that I care because I plan on buying both but really people.

clearelite2586d ago

Good comment, however, the oLED screen of the NGP/Vita is FAR from ordinary.

rexbolt2586d ago

actully oled just saves battery power lol noting big and it still has the same battery as about a 3ds so um yeah lol

CaptCalvin2586d ago


LOL @ "oled just saves battery power" I'm not even gonna bother with this one. It's gotten to the point where there is no point in explaining.

TheDivine2585d ago

No way have yall seen resident evil on 3ds? Looks about as good as the vita, much closer than the ds and psp imo. Both are killer the 3ds has way more good games on the way but vita can play my psp games and connect to the ps3. I love the oled and i really love the 3d screen, its friggn amazing with sf4. Either on rocks.

AdventShadow012586d ago

Yes yes ps vita is better as far as hardcore gaming is concerned, but why is doing a comparison. Lmfao

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