110° 3 Demo Impressions "Resistance 2 was released back in 2008 and was a solid hit with critics, but for the hardcore fans of the franchise, it was a disappointment. Fans felt that Insomniac stripped away everything that made the first game so unique. The dark and gritty setting was gone in favor a more colorful palette and Co-op through the main campaign was removed in favor of a co-op mission mode. A regenerative health system was also added in lieu of health packs. Fans felt these changes alone made Resistance 2 too much of a “me too” shooter. Perhaps the change that sealed Resistance 2’s fate amongst the hardcore fans was the removal of the weapon wheel."

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zinkabass2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I liked it a lot,.. but apparently it is a very old build so maybe that is why they haven't released it already, even removed it from Asian Store (They did release E3 alpha GOW3 demo,.. so I really don't know what seems to be the problem,.. Maybe graphics are to far of being finalized -there are a few shitty textures in the demo, but overall it looks stunning)

Game is awesome,.. apparently they took gun upgrading straight from Ratchet,.. because you have levels on the guns-more damage) It is probably even more visceral then before and feels really good when bullets connect (except when you have low level gun,.. it takes quite a lot of bullets to down Chrimera),.. I cannot wait for Resistance 3 !! I am not into console shooters that much,.. but they really nailed the feeling (probably has a bit of autoaim because I feel I should not be that good with controller),.. Feels so good,..

RenegadeRocks2464d ago

I loved the demo ! PLayed it twice. The "Hard" difficulty was not well tuned in it, but on "Normal", it was absolutely amazing !!! ANd the town looks superb !