5 Sequels That Were Sorely Missed At E3 (Hooked Gamers)

E3 2011 was unquestionably dominated by sequels and reboots. Despite the industry wide focus on reiterating franchises at E3 this year, there were several sequels, some even heavily rumoured, that were sadly absent from the show.

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lazertroy2406d ago

In No Order
2.kingdom Hearts 3
3.Jak 4
4.Shenmue 3

showtimefolks2406d ago

become a promotion ground for these companies to reach out to the most casual market. They have the whole year for hardcore gamers so now e3 has become the one week they can get the yahoo,cnn and fox's of the world to cover them.

GTA5 will happen i still believe it will be announced this year. The last bonus round from GT the guys said it best GTA is BIGGER than E3.

KH3 will not happen till 2013 what we need right now is a HD remake of Kh1-2 to atleast get us started.

JAK4 will happen ND have said they want to work on it but i don't think we will see it any time soon since we know there will be Uncharted 4 and ND team isn't big enough to work on 2 games at the same time.

how about Jak 1-2-3 and combat racing jak all in HD till we get JAK for next gen consoles. and when jak in HD will do well it will open sony's eyes to see the true potential for Jak series. I always though JAK 4 will happen sooner than SLY4. but i don't mind new sly at all.

Shenmue....This IP is for sale if reports are to be believed both sony and MS are very interested so hopefully one of them will pick the IP up i want sony to do it because they will allow the devs to do a true sequel right.

Shenmue 1-2 built from ground up with new tech for this gen and all the minor issues fixed, gameplay brought to next gen in HD for 59.99 and that will show that this game has a fanbse.

as much as some people hate HD remakes that's the only way we will ever see one of out fan games either in HD or get true sequels

overall UBI showed the goods this year they usually have the most boring conferences but this year they brought their A game and in my humble opinion had the best E3 conference

ChrisPriestman2406d ago

To be honest, I am most gutted about no update at all on Beyond Good and Evil 2 :(

zeal0us2406d ago

the developers said it runs on high-end pc but it can't run on this generation consoles(wii,ps3,360).

somewhat make sense seeing as they(consoles) are 5-6 years old.

Colmshan19902406d ago

Mirror's Edge would be the one I want the most.
Wouldn't say no to a new GTA or Half-Life though.

zeal0us2406d ago

sadly reported a few months ea canned the sequel or next Mirror's edge game. Something about the initial concept wasn't going well with them I believe.

FoolishUK2406d ago

Actually, the head of EA came out and said that Mirror's Edge 2, running on the Frostbite 2 engine, would be a very likely thing at E3.

GusBricker2406d ago

Lost Odyssey II?


Jade Empire 2?

That Star Wars MMO is fuckin' with my sequels, Bioware!

dtalon32406d ago

You must not be following bioware much... "that star wars MMO" is your "sequels".

FoolishUK2406d ago

Very true, but in a more 'spiritual successor' way than a genuine sequel. Think Bioshock in relation to System Shock 2.