GamerFitNation The Witcher 2 E3 Impressions-An Xbox 360 must have

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte provides his impressions of Cd Projekt Red bringing The Witcher 2 over to the Xbox 360.

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I never had the chance to play the PC version, but I saw the console version and was really impressed. Have any of you played the PC version? Or rather looking forward to the console version?

Kon2584d ago

I have the PC version, so far it is GotY.

THWIP712584d ago

...for $35 off Amazon digital downloads. I'm running it on Ultra Spec, and playing it with the 360 controller. I've only played about 5 hours...and really haven't done much, to be honest. But as soon as there were rumors of an E3 announcement for 360, I stopped playing. I'm definitely waiting for the 360 version, just because I really don't like playing on my PC.

pr0digyZA2584d ago

Lol sorry what?... you play it on ultra then stop because you hear its on 360. You can't even use the I hate KB and mouse excuse, because your using a controller. is it because of the screen (wich PC can be hooked up to) or is it because you like staring at the 360 while you play. To me who has a PS3, 360 and a couple gaming PC's I will always play a game on the best platform or the one it's meant to be on. This is just strange for me to read.

xtheownerzx2584d ago

I was first introduced when a friend of mine showed me a video of it on the PC. The console version is going to be good but to get the real experience i think that the PC is the way to go.