DotA 2 Will Most Likely Be Free To Play Game

Valve's Doug Lombardi confirmed that studio is currently developing their first free to play game.

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Harelgur2589d ago

Thats cool.. but it will probably have a store in it :(

Pandamobile2589d ago

No really? How do you expect a F2P game to make money?

Fayulah2589d ago

Microtransactions can make alot more money then regular model. If game becomes popular as competetive title, license for tournaments will cost alot. There are many more ways.

soundslike2588d ago

People like to hate on f2p, but I don't think they've ever actually seen a good f2p system if so.

30-50$ on another dota game that I may or may not like?

No thanks. As long as they don't sell "+100 phys dmg for 72 hours" it'll be fine.

despair2588d ago


Most likely they will give a base number of characters and charge for the additional ones, that to me is what will ruin the game.

I for one would rather spend $30-$40 for a complete game with patches and maybe some free add ons than play free with 10 characters and have to purchase the better ones if I want to use them, not to mention the items and maybe even some other things. It should be like every other retail game we buy, one price.

Free to play is just "more I spend the better things I get and more powerful I become" type of game, always was and its not how I want my games as it just sucks the fun when a person's wallet not skill determines if they excel at a game.

captain-obvious2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

dont make it free to play
im ready to play for it
ppl buying advantage = BS

if i want that i'll go play LoL which sucks compared to DoTA

ATiElite2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

sell hats for $2.99 a piece.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? (Team Fortress 2)

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wallis2588d ago

I would much rather PAY for half life 3/ ep 3.

As great as valve as are the taste in my mouth about the wait over episode 3 is getting increasingly bitter. Faith can only carry me so far and the more and more games that valve release which AREN'T half life the more and more that faith wears down.

I'm sure half life 3 will rock when it happens but something about the idea that every God damned valve fan in existence is literally screaming at the top of their lungs for half life 3, but valve only ever seem to hear "left 4 dead 2", or "Dota2", just seems to say that a gap has arisen between the famous devs and their fanbase.

Look, they can do whatever they want, I'm sure they will, but people are invested in half life now. They have been for a long time. Just cut us some slack and give us the closure because if a film took four fucking years to end I'd punch the director in the face if I ever saw him.

Fayulah2588d ago

Well I would still buy dota since its one of really good games either to chill or as an e-sport competetive title. Anyway, can't wait for HL3 or EP3 also ;)

tdrules2588d ago


I can't wait for the LoL guys to cry out when VALVe copies their price model regarding skins, glyphs, champions etc

nightmarex1212588d ago

Sweet that be awesome, but i was going to buy it anywayz, dota has a freaking huge fan base, and people definite would have bought this b/c just look at hon many have bought that game.

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