Will The Witcher 2 graphics be dumbed down on the Xbox 360?

Konrad from speculates how The Witcher 2- one of the best looking PC games to date- will port over and look like on the Xbox 360 by doing a side by side comparison video of the different graphical settings in the game.

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Optical_Matrix2528d ago

Well yeah, obviously lol Does it matter? No. Am I still looking forward to buying it on 360 because I don't have a gaming PC? Yeah.

KRATOS-PS32527d ago

Yes, honestly, who would have thought that the 360 can run this game the way a expensive PC can run it. And still it will look great. Shame on this article.

Solid_Snake-2527d ago

why does everyone label a gaming pc as expensive. we dont go around sayin something wont work on a "cheap" console.

its not expensive to us as its our way of gaming. i dont think about the price when it comes to quality.

FUxBxAR2527d ago

Well not all of us have enough resources to "not think about price"...

GrieverSoul2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

lol at the question!!!

Hell no!!! Its going to look wayyy better than PC! It will use a new system update in the works that will enable X360 to advance its ram and GPU in ways never before seen... /s

Man, its obvious it will look a little bit inferior. Its a 2011 PC game for crying out loud...

BubbleSniper2527d ago

wow... this question is stupid, the title should be modified to remove the QUESTION Mark.

you think Xbox 360 is going to pull off DX11?

you think Xbox 360 is going to Tessellate the way a GTX 580x2 overclocked, liquid cooled does?

NO! all your stupid questions always = NO

yet, the "gaming media" still asks them in articles on N4G. Where is Cat? enforce the rules gdi..

Voxelman2527d ago

The Witcher 2 is a DX9 game...

Uses almost a gig of VRAM for the highest resolution textures tho so good luck getting that running on a system with 512MB of total system RAM

hassi942527d ago

Of course the graphics will be dumbed down. What an idiotic question. PC Witcher 2 is one of the best looking games on PC, running DX11 and 16xAA etc. The xbox can't pull that off - noone ever expected it to. It's still cool it's coming to xbox though.

hassi942527d ago

Woops it's not DX11 - my bad.

TheXgamerLive2527d ago

why did this wannabe crap get approved. this thing has no idea what it's going to look like and so making up your make belief side by side, lol, wow. what a loser idea.
Actually there's already been gameplay vids on youtube and it looks incredible, better than PC unless you have a high end PC which most don't have.

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Kon2528d ago

And the prize for dumbest question of the year goes to... This article!

NYC_Gamer2528d ago

this should have been common sense 101

DoctorXpro2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Will The Witcher 2 graphics be dumbed down on the Xbox 360?

WTF do you expect?

2005 360"S"-US$299.99 C$299.99 GB£199.99 €249.99 AU$449.00 NZ$499.00


2011 Nvidia GeForce GTX 590


Gunshot2527d ago

Not this again, really? Haven't we had enough of the PS3 better then 360 graphics? Their both equally crappy.

hassi942527d ago

This is nothing to do with PS3, The Witcher 2 is only coming out on Xbox (and is already out on PC).

Gunshot2527d ago

LOL, Comparing a console version to the PC version? Makes no since to me.

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