What Mirror's Edge 2 can learn from Mirror's Edge 2D

Bitmob - Everybody knows Mirror’s Edge, Swedish developer DICE’s flawed yet incredible foray into free running. While it didn't sell as well as hoped, we've heard rumors of a sequel ever since it was released. This past week at industry trade show E3, Electronic Arts President Frank Gibeau confirmed that Mirror’s Edge 2 is still in development and may very well run on Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine. But he didn't say anything about gameplay changes that would pair that gorgeous, totalitarian world with fluid, unbroken parkour.

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subtenko2529d ago

Playstation move support FTW! :D but please let it have online modes. Online free roam would be awesome!

I <3 Mirrors Edge

Droid Control2529d ago

When you fall - instead of instadeath, it would be better if you get a second chance, a ledge or lower obstacle to keep the freerunning going.

NarooN2528d ago

Yeah that kinda seemed like a no-brainer, surprised it wasn't in ME1. Falling and dying just because decided she didn't feel like grabbing that ledge completely broke the speed and immersion at points.

RAmar1012529d ago

this game is dying for a 3rd person mode, the 1st person set up spoilt it imo, still one of the best looking games this gen art is amazing

MidnytRain2528d ago

The major concept and appeal of the game was its first person pespective. It was what made it exciting and immersive. It's just one of those games that works best in that view considering how the controls were set up. The game going 3rd person would be the decision to kill it.

NYC_Gamer2528d ago

the first game just felt like speed trial runs