EA's One-Year Download Limitation - Origin and EA Store

Explanation of the one year time limit and information on how easily it gets extended.

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BubbleSniper2440d ago

Not bad, but why have a limit at all??

blitz0x2440d ago

I was thinking about that, and it might be that they just added it in as maybe a just-in-case. Or maybe when they started the original EA store they had a plan for it somehow.

Looks like the origin downloads have a ridiculously high limit because they don't plan to utilize a cut off, which is nice.

tplarkin72440d ago

They don't want to be obligated to provide downloads if the tech become obsolete.

blitz0x2440d ago

Ah, that actually makes a lot of sense too.

BubbleSniper2440d ago

a lot of sense. that is why there are so many humans on the planet. so we can correct each other. lol. +1

gamingdroid2440d ago

Obsolete or not, I would be like to be able to download the game onto my Windows XP Virtual Machine in 10 years.

I thought EA got rid of the limit, but now I have to go check my games.

BattleAxe2440d ago

If their games don't get released on Steam, then I ain't buyin.

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mananimal2440d ago

If the limits are being extended to a point well beyond ones life expectancy, then whats the point of EVEN HAVING the limits?...only 1 explaination makes any sense here....its called CONTROL, if you violate a policy of EA/ORIGIN, then you could be punished through this policy , if you express a view point they dont like in forums, yuo could be punished by this rule. I WOULD NEVER EVER SIGN UP 4 digital download service anyhow, let alone one with these kind of CONTROL mechanisms.

nightmarex1212440d ago

Wtf are you talking about its for liability reasons they don't want to be liable if they ever sale the service later on, or it goes down hill. With steam terms they are more controlling b/c they can take your account for no reason.

gamingdroid2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Is it really that far fetched:


It wouldn't surprise me! ... and I mean that about all companies, GFWL, Steam, D2D, Impulse or anything else.

NYC_Gamer2440d ago

they wont have to worry about me using this crappy service

TheCampfireSong2440d ago

I'll just stick with Steam.

blitz0x2440d ago

I will too, but just for the reason as I've already attached all my games to steam lol