L.A. Noire enjoys almost 3 million sales in 1 month

With many new IPs struggling to make an impact in our current gaming climate, Team Bondi's efforts have resonated well with gamers as one month sales are impressive.

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NYC_Gamer2588d ago

i predicted it would sale 4 million seems like could do way more

Pixel_Enemy2587d ago

That is a lot of sales for one month on a new ip

shades722588d ago

Hmmmm it's been one month, then sales usually drop off, but it's still selling quite well on a week per week basis. You could be right though.

the_kutaragi_baka2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

the most overrated game in history,i love the game but... It's the same thing over and over again.
I think it got overrated for the facial Animation,the story is not deeper and better than RDR.

Ravens202587d ago

Sure as hell doesn't deserve that many sales.

Apart from the facial animations, the game is garbage. Never been so bored playing a game.

DanSolo2587d ago

It's a great game, certainly nothing to complain about!

It could have done with something else though, for everything it gets right it is missing a certain wow factor that could have made it a truly epic game.

It does feel a bit samey, and I hope that if they make a sequel that they dramatically improve certain aspects to it.

The story is great, I love the fact that you are playing as a cop as that is something we rarely get to do as we are generally overloaded with gangsters..... I like the investigation side of things, but it did leave me with that sense that there was a piece of the puzzle missing!
Maybe it is because the gameplay doesn't quite live up to the story telling, or the lack of other things to do outside of the story, or just the repetition side of it!

But then I think Assassin's Creed felt a bit like that, and Assassin's Creed 2 seemed to resolve those "samey" issues quite well.

When is all said and done though, it is a great game, and although it might not be for everyone, and it might not get everything right... it has definitely pushed gaming forwards in the bits it does get right!

CernaML2587d ago


Okay. I found Halo boring. So that game doesn't deserve its sales either.

Hurray for dumb arguments!

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CernaML2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Wait, I could have sworn I read articles stating that the sales for this game were sub par.

The internet sure is full of dumb people.

shades722587d ago

The development costs for this game have been much higher than most, so I think R* needed a lot higher minimum sales to make a profit.

RayRay362587d ago

Yeah but that doesn't take away the fact it sold damn well in its first month. While money is always the objective, with L.A. Noire they created a experience never before seen.

SageHonor2587d ago

Rockstar might have needed to sell more games to break even

Raven_Nomad2587d ago

Glad to see multiple disks and lack of exclusive content didn't hurt XBox 360 sales of this brilliant game.

despair2587d ago

Sounds about right, the game is good and combined with the rockstar name you get an almost guaranteed hit.

VampiricDragon2587d ago

but how much profit will it make?

2587d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.