DmC: Devil May Cry’s Disappointing E3

For many fans of the franchise, E3 was a last chance for DmC to win them back. It wouldn't.

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the_kutaragi_baka2443d ago

crack addict. The new Dante is a crack addict.

The_Devil_Hunter2443d ago

Haha is it me or he looks like that one girl from "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo".

Peaceful_Jelly2443d ago

no, he looks like this guy:

rezzah2443d ago

Actually he looks like a rip off of the lead designer who gave "Dante" his own hair style.

Its the exact same. Sorry i don't have the pics.

DeadlyFire2442d ago

I still don't understand why not DMC 5 and not this mockery of a classic.

consolez_FTW2443d ago

Well, chances are I won't play this at all. I feel like I can live in peace knowing I ending the series at DMC4 because this looks bad :/

Jappy-k72443d ago

same here!

but i may consider buying this game if they rename it and make it a whole new ip

rezzah2443d ago

So White hair is the new Devil Trigger?

There is no feeling of DMC to this at all, and it seems as if they are trying too hard to make it cool.

I rather a DMC HD Collection over this any day.

Kyosuke_Sanada2443d ago

Yeah the white hair for Devil Trigger feels alot like a cop out because of the backlash Capcom have being getting lately and to make matters worse its rumoured that this is supposed to be gives a Heavenly Sword-esque fighting system because the current weapon has a light, medium and heavy attack forms.

The only way Ill even give this a game another peek if announced its being released October..........of next year.

Also I agree with Louis, this should have been a Platinum Games Project from the start.

Sevir042443d ago

This was the worst idea, and Capcom is going to have an ugly realization that you simply cant f*ck game icons this dramatically. I'm not buy this crap, Dante, never smoked and he never looked like a meth head! Just not cool at all!

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The story is too old to be commented.