graf_chokolo May Go To Prison

From Graf's Blog:
June 17, 2011 at 7:38 pm
Hi guys, no money left anymore. Going to jail soon probably because i cannot pay court costs.
But i’m ready to stand up for everything i said and go to jail for that too. It’s not important to win, more important is to show them that we are ready to fight, that they cannot scare me off easily. Yeah, i’m ready to go to jail for my believes and my principles.
Most of people probably think that all computer and kernel hackers are weak kids, hiding in a cellar, eating pizza whole day, writing software and looking for attention Maybe, but that’s NOT me. And i will get out eventually and continue my work. My work means very much to me.

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Cardenjs2585d ago

When will people learn the difference between Hardware rights and Software rights? Restoring Linux to PS3 means modifying code that belongs to the company. You can never own software unless you actually made it.

gamingdroid2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Because it is illegal (if is in this case), it still doesn't make it right.

It doesn't take you long looking back in history to find many things that WAS illegal, is now legal or vice versa.

I just donated a few bucks to his cause as I believe in freedom of software! Soon as a small time developer, I can't even write software without butting heads or without infringing on somebody else work (such as patents). If you can modify a hammer, why can't you modify your legally obtained software?

Cardenjs2584d ago

Because you can't duplicate a hammer, but you can easily duplicate software. If you have the freedom to modify a program, you have direct access to the source code and all it takes is a copy-paste and everyone in the world can see the source code and apply it.

In the end, the threat of piracy is why we have these laws that protect the writer. If you have such a problem with patents and copyrights when programming, you'd just copy everyone else's work otherwise. If you don't believe me, go the The Pirate Bay and see how many people are contributing to piracy at any given moment and tell me that piracy isn't a problem

gamingdroid2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

First of all let me clarify, I'm NOT FOR PIRACY. People should be compensated for their hard work, after all, if anything I'm a software developer myself.

However, because something can be used for something bad doesn't mean we should ban it. We don't ban knives, guns (at least in the US), cars, alcohol and so on....

Secondly, IF I LEGALLY OBTAINED the software then the original owner already got paid for their work. If I modified it for my use, then it shouldn't be a problem as it is no different than modifying my hammer.

Finally, having all these laws we already have in place, has that stopped piracy? Has piracy slowed down? Has anything changed?

In fact, having all these laws has it stopped "copy-paste"?

Also, in regards to this:

"If you have the freedom to modify a program, you have direct access to the source code"

Simply because I can interface with a program and modify it's behavior or even reverse engineer some program, doesn't mean I have the source code. In fact far from it. If you are a programmer, you would know the distinction. I can also duplicate programs like I can duplicate source code so that is a non-issue to begin with.

GrandTheftZamboni2584d ago

"People should be compensated for their hard work, after all, if anything I'm a software developer myself."

You think you'd be compensated for your work if there is no law preventing people from copying your software?

Redgehammer2584d ago

Which proves that programmers are smarter than the rest of us, because there is no wasy we should have alllowed software to have different legal protections, than other created products.

Biggest2584d ago

I agree. It's sad that people are reacting the way they are now that the law is catching up to technology. If you can't steal, you can't steal. It doesn't matter what it is you're stealing. Well, unless it's my heart.

lelo2play2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I sincerely hope this guy wins and Sony looses big time, but unfortunately i don't think it will happen. Sony has way to much money. It's David against Goliath.

This guy simply wanted to put back a feature that Sony removed illegally from the PS3.

If Sony wins, it will set a bad precedent and the consumers will suffer in the future. It will allow big companies to remove features from a product without suffering the consequences. The sad part is that a lot of people are binded simply because they are PS3 fanboys, and don't see the big picture.

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Pro_TactX2585d ago

I am sure a lot of people are "ready for jail" until the moment the bars shut and the realization that you aren't going anywhere kicks in.

elmaton982585d ago

Like we care. rot in jail as$hole.

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