History of the Pokemon Series

How the Pokemon series evolved from being the biggest 90's pop culture fad to still being popular with fans young and old.

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insomnium22585d ago

Pokemon was good in the beginning. I believe Silver was the last Pokemon that I really enjoyed. Since then it's been nothing but a rinse and repeat by Nintendo and they've basicly kept selling the same game all over again for these past years. That ofc is just my opinion and same can be said for many franchises like COD for example.

LtSkittles2585d ago

I disagree to a degree. It's your opinion so I'm not telling you "YOU'RE WRONG, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" you know lol. I thought White, and Black would be terrible, but it has some cool features, and it's not all touch which is neat, but I do feel like they get lazier with each new game. The PC's move from the corner of the screen to the front of the Pokemon centers, and the pokemarts are now in the pokecenters. Lol.

Spitfire_Riggz2584d ago

I like the changes, it seems to stream line the experience for us. I wish trades were a lot quicker =P

Mcardle2584d ago

One of the best series of all time, But they have done all they can with the series on portables, they need to make a proper console rpg.

phoenixdown2584d ago

I'm only 20 years old and iam practically THE pokemon generation. all those hours catching and raising those things. listening to the music was also awesome. i don't play as much as i used to, but I'll never forget this series. it brought alot of people into the jrpg genre, including myself.

rezzah2584d ago

Same age here, Pokemon came out of no where back in Grade 3 here. And when it did it blew up fast. The school tried to get rid of it for various reason but kids just kept bringing them back. The entire school yard had kids running around with pokemon cards. And of course there were those with their Gameboy Colour playing Yellow, Red and Blue.