Sony Hints of Gran Turismo 5 DLC

Multiple comments from Sony representatives indicate additional, downloadable content is coming to GT5.

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DrRichtofen2410d ago

premium bugatti........? one can hope.

MidnytRain2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

If it comes, it had better be free. I'm not paying for a shinier version of a virtual car I already have.

Also, props to the guy who took the photo in the pic - looks great.

Spitfire_Riggz2410d ago

I think the guys from PD have already said everything will be free for GT5

soundslike2410d ago

Bugatti is the most useless car ever.

Tracks should be priority number one

FAGOL2410d ago

Useless for racing yes but it's definately 1 of the cars that need to be premium for any car fanatic. It looks great, sounds great and did you see the interior?

dangert122410d ago

the game needs a visual fix

will some one tell me why burn out paradise looks better then this on my projector? i enjoyed gt5 on a 32inch tv but then i put it on projectotor and it looks aweful i could't have fun on it looking how it did so sold it

zerox5052410d ago

why the hell would you put it on your projector if it looked worse?

FAGOL2410d ago

The game doesn't need a fix it's your projector that does.

Joni-Ice2410d ago

U just answered your own question.

dangert122410d ago

@zerox505 i never thats why i sold it

@FAGOL nah, its fine just the amount of jaggies and shit like that in gt5 is made its graphically not that impressive when blown up its like they did't think people would do it lets not front like its visuals are amazing just google it and you will find loads of over people complaining about it too

soundslike2410d ago

Is your projector HD?


Then thats why. Unless you spent a pretty penny on that projector its probably SD.

Ive played the game on a 50" 1080p for a few hours and there were no jaggies whatsoever...

dangert122410d ago

@soundslike its hd full 1080p
no jaggies what so ever? lol
its really not great graphically

ThatOneGuyThere2409d ago

Something is wrong with:
A) your projector
B) your video settings
C) your eyes

Seriously. I play games exclusively on a 100inch hd projector. The game looks phenominal. In fact, I would argue its the one of the best looking game that big on a console. Flower is pretty mezmorizing at that size. The only game I own that is a jaggy mess is halo: reach. But it looks fairly jaggy on the 32 inch.

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MastaMold2409d ago

Hellz yea, been waiting for some info on GT5 DLC hope this is true

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saoco2410d ago

you can make your own. but tracks are always welcome

jizzyjones2410d ago

New York/Seattle/Hong Kong/Las Vegas drag strip for online + a few premium upgrades would be loverly.

liore2410d ago

Begging for some new street circuits the ones they have now suck except the Tokyo track and the one at night

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The story is too old to be commented.