New Challenger: Hacking. Play Games? You're Next!

In the online age no-one's information is safe. Default Prime author Chris Stewart takes a more detailed look at how the recent spate of hackings are becoming a serious problem on the internet and what it means to those of us who play games online: "The internet: we love it, we hate it, the world would collapse without it and we wonder how we ever managed before it. It has become a keystone in the evolution of the technological age we live in. Yet, for something so very important, it is a place almost devoid of consequence where, as has been proven time and time again over the last few weeks, someone who knows how can cause havoc and steal personal details with ease."

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zeal0us2532d ago

Minus the whole psn outage,i didn't really care about what Anonymous was doing long as it didn't involve my personal information. Lulsec is just taking it to another whole level not only are they hacking but they are release info out for every tom,dick and harry to see it. Plus it seem like they are just randomly attacking gaming sites.

buckley2532d ago

Totally agree. Anonymous was at least operating under the guise of a purpose. LulzSec has no purpose other than to be a nuisance to everyone and they don't discriminate.

KeenanTheSavage2532d ago

Exactly. I was kind of bummed out at first that PSN was hacked, and that it was down for so long, but on the bright side, none of the information was released to the public. Lulzsec just takes it way too far and are too much of a nuisance to ignore.

SKUD2532d ago

I'm not sure what happened but the community is going down the wrong direction. What do they believe in again?.

camargo20122532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

somebody should contact anonymous and ask them to take lulzec down!

ATiElite2531d ago

instead of pirating games, modding your 360, or using old Firmware to play bootleg Ps3 games.....

How about you just hack into someone else's Pc, 360, or PS3 and play what ever game they got in the tray or on the HDD.

everything else is evolving so why not pirating.