Killzone 3 Helghast Edition is Perfect Example of a Great Collectable

PS3′s gamers, right now you can be a part of history by taking advantage of an incredible deal for the PlayStation 3′s #1 shooter, Killzone 3. The Helghast Edition which comes with the Helghast helmet, figurine and much more is currently available for the price of just one game. This is the greatest deal on a great collectable.

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omi25p2557d ago

I didnt like it i thought the eyes looked like egg yolk.

The gears 3 epic edition looks like its going to be the best collectors edition release for a long time

DrRichtofen2557d ago

I've never seen orange egg yolk before, but if you're talking about the eyes being kind of bubbled out then yeah it looks a bit odd. But man its sure a cool looking helmet I might get this.

omi25p2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Look at this picture and tell me the helghast eyes dont look the same.

DrRichtofen2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Yeah but without the egg whites it looks some what similar. Its just the bulging of the eye thats similar as I said.

WhiteLightning2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

"The gears 3 epic edition looks like its going to be the best collectors edition release for a long time "

Honestly it really lives up to it's name, they really have went all out for the fans. Plus for the people in the US the retro lancer bundle.

Why the hell has ND not done something like this for Uncharted 3. The statue looks horriable and people were expecting things like a Spaniard coin from DF, Resisn from AT, Drakes diary and Sir Francis Drakes diary etc. I don't understand how Epic can charge the same price as U3's CE and it seems the Epic edition has better detail and more stuff in it.

DrRichtofen2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Yeah the Drake statue could look way better than it does, it looks really rough and blocky the Cole statue from iN2 is way nicer looking. Me and a friend were talking about why ND doesn't release a replica gun like the retro lancer but we figured probably because it would look like a real AK and scare people. But I wish they'd at least try to find a way to have something like epics lancer, I like having big collectible props .

edit- You what ND should add to the collectors edition, is a replica of Drakes gun holsters that say NDI on the back just like in the game, now that'd be cool and it would make a good addition to a halloween costume.

WhiteLightning2557d ago


I thought ND would of done an Ultra edition like what the Legendary and Epic editions were to Halo Reach and Gears 3

As I mentioned before I thought it could of referenced past games, a Spaniard Coin (Drakes Fortune), that little box of resisn (Among Theives), something Uncharted 3 related, Drakes diary full of pages from (DF-DD), a detailed statue of Drake, Elena and Sully.

A replica would of been cool aswell, maybe Drakes Beretta pistol.

I just can't believe ND havent went the extra mile, this is the last game which could be on the PS3. They might start on Jak 4 next and wait for Uncharted 4 on the PS4.

dangert122557d ago

I was going to get it coming of the back of killzone 2 i was a massive kz fan but got the standard edition because i could't find the extra cash and did't want to wait to play it. my intention was to get the S,E of the game like a month later but when i played kz3 i noticed i did't actually like it so just sold the game and went back to killzone 2, the direction killzone 3 went in did hurt me let me down really bad

me and my friend call it

CoD-Zone: Rainbow Land 3

because of how call of duty and all these colourful levels had taken over what was a dark and gritty war

morganfell2557d ago

People shouldn't be slamming Uncharted collectables by talking about HALO and Gears collectables. Because then Sony fans can talk about Uncharted game quality and end any argument.

Other than jealousy, and that isn't valid, there was no reason to have brought any other platforms into this. And it was the very first post that began this mess. I have the Helghast edition and the color of the goggle lens looks exactly like it is supposed to look.

TheMutator2557d ago

sorry but Halo Reach lengendary edition is a perfect example of a great collectable

darkknight09962556d ago

I have both the Helghast Edition and Halo reach legendary and they both looks great and the important thing both don't look cheap.
this year Gears of War 3 epic edition and Uncharted 3 collectors edition. check the link

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WhiteLightning2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I kind of think they false advertise it.

They showed it to be very detailed (eyes, helmet looks like it's been scratched etc) yet it wasn't. Still cool looking though.

This is the type of stuff which should be in a CE, I don't understand the people who complain when theres actually something Collectable in it, and hardly no DLC's the whole point a CE, to have something Collectable.

Things like Making of DVDs, Soundtracks and Golden guns are things which should NOT be in a CE. Golden Guns are pointless, Soundtracks are on youtube in like two days and the making of DVDs end up on Youtube aswell but they should already be on the game disc like ND do with Uncharted.

Look the the design of the helmet before the change, fair enough it does say "Final art subject to change" but still it's not the point when the final one looks worse.

SweatyFlorida2557d ago

Tell that to From Software -_- the only thing cool in the CE of Dark Souls is the artbook and game cover, I could careless for making of DVD's or soundtracks. I would have payed the extra price to get more stuff like statues of characters from them but seeing how its still $60 its still good. Though would have a preferred something along the lines on ND or EPIC or KZ :(

theEx1Le2557d ago

Really, £35 in hmv says otherwise, and in my local one they have them lined under 4 different rows.

Pacman3212557d ago

Ye HMV really over stocked it, i think they were expecting huge sales.

SSKILLZ2557d ago

Infamous 2 is by far the best and useful

dredgewalker2557d ago

The backpack was cool and the statue was well made. I hated the Dead Space 2 plasma cutter which looked cheaply made and seemed like a kids toy that didn't look good to display.

WhiteLightning2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I was a bit disappointed with Dead space aswlel but then I bought one of these and never looked back :D


I might buy the original next :)


dredgewalker2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Lol that's too expensive of a wallhanger for me! Anyway it still looks cool but it should better have some sort of lighting or some gimmick for that price.

newn4gguy2557d ago

I like the inFamous 2 collector's edition the best.

I was actually a bit upset with the LBP2 CE. :( The bookends were cheaply made and the sackboy was the same one you get for $5 at GameStop, Walmart, or Toys 'R Us. I paid way too much for that thing.

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