We’re Not Working On A Next Gen Xbox At The Moment-Crytek

GameBlurb, "There have a rumors speculating that famed developer Crytek may just have their hands on a next-gen Xbox which would debut at 2012. Crytek shuts those rumors down."

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SuperSaiyan42560d ago

I have learned is that companies and developers lie a LOT of course they are not going to admit it that would cause a lot of problems in the market and Microsoft or even Sony for that matter would not be happy if another company confirmed a next gen console existance.

Developers always work on new tech in advance with mock up systems and am definently sure they are working on the next gen tech to be prepared as am sure both companies Sony and Microsoft have an idea what they want in their next console.

DarkBlood2560d ago

agreed though i think the which ever computer shouldnt give a rat ass if the other announced a console exist.

Kon2560d ago

Of course they will deny.

vsr2560d ago

I think they knows the next xbox also having a DVD like last gen.

thesummerofgeorge2560d ago

"I think they knows the next xbox also having a DVD like last gen."

English. Learn it.

jaidek2560d ago

They may not be working on the actual new console persay, but you know they are optimizing their engine for the targeted specs of the next console.

THWIP712560d ago

Dev kits won't be available for several months...maybe a whole year...if the rumored E3 2012 announcement and launch dates are true. When dev'ing on 360 started, early birds like Bethesda, EPIC, EA, etc. were using custom Mac G5s ; the final 360 dev kits, with the real hardware, didn't come until months later.

Anyone working on games that are 2-4 years out, knows basically what MS's next hardware will be capable of. They'll build their games on always...FIRST, then finish with the final spec'd dev kits.

DaThreats2560d ago

Good, I prefer the Frostbite 2.0 engine or Id Tech engine used from Rage

BYE2560d ago

It would be smart of Microsoft to get one of the best devs in the industry into their boat.

DeadlyFire2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

They are trying to do so I believe. Ryse looks like a decent Kinect game. I am just worried that Microsoft wants full on Kinect games from them and nothing else. I was excited for Kingdoms until I heard it was Kinect and Ryse now. Although I have some hopes for it they have slumped since Kinect was mentioned.

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