PlayStation Move Bundle Quickly Moving off Shelves

Do you own a PlayStation 3, but still haven’t gotten into the Move fad? Here’s your chance to get everything you need to join the PlayStation Move(ment) on sale in the Sony PlayStation Move Bundle for the PS3.

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metsgaming2406d ago

they saved some games so they can show them at gamescom in august thats probably where it is.

remanutd552406d ago

i though they said the game was supposed to come out spring 2011 , didnt they ?

Kon2406d ago

Sitting right next to Agent and FFvsXIII i think

WhittO2406d ago

I'm more interested in playing games like Resistance 3 with Move than games like Sorcery.

I think Sorcery looked like it had alot of potential but I have a feeling it was a much smaller game than we all thought (prob like that new adventure Move game they showed this E3) but they saw all of the really positive press for it and decided to expand it, prob why it has gone quiet.

remanutd552406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Resistance is first and foremost a dualshock 3 controller experience , Sorcery was the main game sony showed when they announced playstation move , its cool and all that they have added playstation move support for Resistance, Killzone , MAG and others ( i love Mag with move ) but come on lets face , Resistance aint gonna sell playstation move controllers , Sorcery on the hand has an opportunity , till this day i think its the best playstation move game they have showed so far

Knushwood Butt2406d ago

Each to their own, but I'll be playing Resistance 3 with the Move unless they manage to make a mess of the implementation, which I doubt they will.

For Sorcery, I don't think it's ever going to live up to expectations. I don't even understand why it got so hyped in the first place: all they showed was a guy forming and throwing fireballs right? They didn't even show any game. Just a tech demo. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I hope they manage to build that into something worthwhile.

Furthermore, if you use 2 Move wands, how do you navigate?

I'm not hating on Sorcery: I want it to be great as much as the next person. I just don't see it happening though. I see it being decent at best.

WhittO2406d ago

^^ I'm going to buy the Move Sharp Shooter bundle with Resistance 3, play it through with dual shock then play through again with Move.

That doesn't make Move useless for Resistance, just makes it alot more fun when re-playing etc.

remanutd552405d ago

did i ever say Move was useless with resistance ? im pretty sure i didnt , listen i play MAG online with the Move and its fun , at the beginning i was messing up my K/D ratio but then i got very good at it , im just saying that Sorcery was the main game Sony showcased at E3 when they unveiled Ps Move , i was in the conference and out of all games , Sorcery was the most impressive one by far imo i didnt buy Move to play Resistance or Killzone with it even though i have the option i bought to exclusive content only available on the control , thats all , anyways Resistance 3 demo is very good , loved it !!!

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Cwalk8162406d ago

I guess E3 convinced people it was worth it?

lazertroy2406d ago

Where are the commercials? I never see any Move commercials. I see Wii and Kinect commercials but never any Playstation Move commercials.

2406d ago
Spitfire_Riggz2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Well in most KB commercials I see nowadays he always seems to have a move in his pocket or a sharpshooter

HeavenlySnipes2406d ago

they release a better PSEye that can do better head tracking. So any future Move RPG games can implement it so that we can duck and stuff and use the Move as the weapon/shield.

FunAndGun2406d ago

I just wish they would release a HD version.

maniacmayhem2406d ago

Uuuuum, this article doesnt state the move is selling it just points you to a deal on the move.

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