Top 5 driving games

Hint Gran Turismo 5 is not on this list, you might be surprised what it?, Read on..

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TheKindRoost2439d ago

"Hint Gran Turismo 5 is not on this list" then change the thumb pic then.

DarkCharizard_2439d ago

Wait what? Where's Mario Kart???

Yi-Long2439d ago

- Rallisport Challenge 2
- F-Zero GX
- Metropolis Street Racing
- Pure

Honorable mention: SSX3.

S_C2439d ago

Add F1 2010 and soon to be 2011 to that list aswell :D great games

FishCake9T42439d ago

Gran turismo 5 sucked in my opinion. I thought GT4 was 10 times better than that peice of crap. Just my opinion though.

1. Gran Turismo 4
2. Gran Turismo 2
3. Any Colin McRea game before Dirt.
4. F1 2010

ps3bestever2439d ago ShowReplies(2)
Projekt7tuning2439d ago

Lame list. Where's iRacing, GTR, Race pro, F355 challenge, GT5, Forza 3, pretty much every SimBin game and F1 2010. I guess my list is pretty much "Hardcore Sims", like iRacing, I don't know what the hell that list is. Although GT3 was great.

spektical2439d ago

no GT5 on this list, makes this a palpable one.

haters hate on GT5 because it took 5 years to make. its obvious through all the reviews.

Theonetheonly2438d ago

what about this list is palpable?

RGD2438d ago

Indeed, my omission of GT5 is based on the fact that I have not played it like i did the others (as i explained), and frankly, Rock n roll racers is not the most obvious of games xD

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The story is too old to be commented.