Get Your Duke On with Community Dukematches

Have you ever wanted to show off your Duke Nukem skills, but didn’t know anyone worthy of challenging you? Well now you can go up against some of the Duke Nukem crews from 2K Games and Gearbox Software in Dukematches.

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ares21al2404d ago

Its nice when Devs and People with the games come and play with the gamers

Cwalk8162404d ago

I agree, it would be a lot cooler if more devs did this, however I would guess they're always busy trying to create the next best thing. :)

GetoverHere1222404d ago

Yeah, give them fourteen more years and they'll have time to play

GregoryAllen2404d ago

I think they need to get in the games with players because there aren't enough people interested in still playing this game.