Tales of Xillia Commercial Shows Off Gorgeous Opening Animation

Someone from YouTube has uploaded Tales of Xillia's first 15-second commercial, showing off part of the game's opening animation.

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BizDaWolf2684d ago

hope this comes to the US

Peaceful_Jelly2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

it'll all depend on the reception that Tales of Graces get when it come out next year

DarkBlood2684d ago

then we know what we got to do guys :P

VampiricDragon2684d ago

naw its going to get localized regardless.

dangert122684d ago

hope it gets a eu release day motherfucking one maybe i'll pre order it alot so i can get i early because of demand LOL kiddin just kiddin but can't wait ps when is ps3 version of disgea coming? O_o

solideagle12684d ago

NA - September 06, 2011
EU - Q3 2011

Deadman_Senji2684d ago

it will, the only reason vesperia didn't is because microsoft paid for them not to bring it over to the ps3.

banjadude2684d ago

Ever? or just temporarily?

Deadman_Senji2683d ago

Knowing how those bastards operate, the first thing you said.