The Walking Dead E3 First Impressions [GameRevolution]

"Let me start out by saying that I absolutely adore Robert Kirkman's work on The Walking Dead. It's one of my favorite comic book series ever and one of the only ones I still read on a regular basis. So getting word that a video game in the works about those books has me completely giddy. And having Telltale work on it is even more reason to get excited, considering their portfolio of games." - Eduardo Reboucas, GameRevolution

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Koolaye2740d ago

Never read the comics. I've seen the show which I loved, but another zombie game? I'll keep my eye on this one as more develops. However, the only zombie game on my radar at the moment is Dead Island.

stormeagle62740d ago

If it's a zombie game by Telltale then it's going to be really, really different from any other.

dbjj120882740d ago

Zombies... eh. The new World War II.

BABY-JEDI2739d ago

If they stay true to the violence & gore of the comic/book series coupled with the human factor. Then this will be a REAL ZOMBIE game...
I'm sure it will be dead good. ; )