RadiuzReviews: Duke Nukem Forever

Bad? No. Good? Not Really.
This game is a mixture of Bulletstorm meets LittleBigPlanet, yes, LittleBigPlanet, the creation in Duke Nukem: Forever is awesome, you can draw on Whiteboards (It's more fun than it sounds!) AND, there is even a Trophy called Turd Burglar.
On the subject of Trophies in Nukem, they have the best names ever, for instance, 'Tosser...In the literal sence' earned by killing 10 aliens with tossed objects. I actually like this game, Unlike some, just because this is so fun, the graphics aren't brilliant, but its nothing the odd update couldnt fix, and voice acting is truly terrible, but it give Duke Nukem: Forever that retro feel, of arcade meets strip club.
This game is great! Buy it! Because I said so!

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SantistaUSA2684d ago

Still a fun game. :) Hail to the King baby!