Battlefield 3, MW3 get unlikely rival - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 shots looking good

CVG: We've just received a basketful of new Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 shots - and it appears that being powered by CryEngine 3 has done the game the power of good.

The title is the follow-up to last year's million-selling FPS title. Although applauded for its decent look, that game received mixed reviews, not least for its flat multiplayer.

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rabidpancakeburglar2533d ago

No. Screenshots don't make a game and this won't challenge in terms of quality or sales.

flankhim2533d ago

Battlefield 3, MW3 get unlikely rival? Uh no. Not even close.

evrfighter12533d ago

so that's what happened to HHG. He's working for this no name site

RBLAZE19882533d ago

uhh is not a no name site...

DoomeDx2533d ago

Gameplay, and it looks quite good tbh. better the MW3 by a long shot

Ju2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Well, no surprise there. Runs on CryEngine3. Funny, looks like some cookie cutter from UC2...Tibet level? LOL Well, but they managed to introduce some awesome screen tear.

S_C2533d ago

Theres a big difference between a visually nice look edited screenshoot and a visually outstanding looking raw gameplay of a game, so no GW2 take a very far away backseat , thanks

DoomeDx2533d ago

Look at the link above. Its ingame

BattleAxe2533d ago

I watched the E3 footage, and although the game looks nice, its looking like its going to be just as linear as the first one. The guy from City interactive looked nervous when he was questioned about any gameplay details, like he was just trying to talk about how good the game looked.

ATiElite2533d ago

As far as sales NO!

Of course BF3 kills everything as far as graphics. But the Cryengine 3 is impressive and many PC Gamers like this series. it could be a sleeper hit if they beef up the game-play. so will have to see.


why do they keep calling it SNIPER ....

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Kamikaze1352533d ago

A screenshot means nothing. Give us a good gameplay video and a list of features.

Raven_Nomad2533d ago

MW3 has no rival. Even EA said so.

BeastlyRig2533d ago

That just means MW3 is the only arcade shooter this november & it's true!

Takoulya2533d ago

MW3: Coming soon to an arcade near you.

Only $10 per life on FFA, and an incredible price of $60 per life on S&D! Unbelievable!

Raven_Nomad2533d ago

You kids can hate on it all you want, but what do you think EA is going to do if Battlefield 3 is successful? Make a new engine every year? Or release a game to combat COD every year?

I'll stick to the game that keeps a million players on the servers year round and has 40 thousand Gamebattles teams to play against.

snipes1012532d ago

I'm with Raven. It seems that everyone just looks for the easiest person to hate on. COD because it's successful and has Bobby Kotick running things, EA back in the day because it had so many big franchises. Just watch, if Battlefield takes the crown and starts to come out with more frequency, people will run like sheep to villainize it.

yamzilla2533d ago

visually, the first sniper ghost warrior on PC DESTROYED any call of duty game, also laying a firm smackdown on any console game ever made, sadly, the game was a 7 at best, cluncky story, bad ai, some great ideas though, multiplayer was actually fun and a very hard ass game for me, i never put more than 6 hours in the MP so I'm sure that is why I got owned the whole time!

I think this one will be a visual treat on pc, easily decimateing the visuals of call of duty mw3, but bf3 on pc???? most likely not, you never know though.... hopefully up to an 8.5/10, but will it have the production values of the two elephants in the room???, probably not.

hassi942533d ago

That's just not true. I'm an avid PC gamer (but play a fair bit of xbox too) nowadays, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior looked crap. Scenery looked nice but character models, gun models and textures were just all over - rubbish.

Hufandpuf2533d ago

Not the same class of game. COD and BF are war games, SGW is a sniper only game. No comparison.

Takoulya2533d ago

Lol @ CoD being a war game.

Takoulya2533d ago

Not at all. No attempt at realism combined with over-the-top stunts and unlikely sets hardly make them war games. Some parts definitely do seem like war, but generally, I don't know. I still think CoD is good amusement, but calling it a war experience is too far-fetched, IMO.

SixShotCop2532d ago

If MW3 is not a war game, what kind of game is it? I can't wait to see your response.

Takoulya2532d ago

It's an action game. Simple as that. There are barely any components to the latest CoD games pertaining to war, only sometimes in the campaigns. Out of the last 4 games in the series, WaW was the only one whose campaign represented real war, but in online, the only thing war-like about it was the tanks. The online portions of the games have crappy elements that don't have any thing to do with war. 25 kills in a row and call in a nuke? Tiny, arena-like maps? How do those have anything to do with war?

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theonlylolking2533d ago

In war there are sniper only stuff.

Tachyon_Nova2532d ago

Yeah in war you have specialist snipers, but don't let that stand in the way of the hate train.

Solid_Snake-2532d ago

and it should have co-op as everyone should know snipers dont travel alone.

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