Origin of War

Eurogamer: When it first became clear that digital distribution was going to be a big part of the future for game software, one often-stated fear was that the industry's big publishers would never be able to co-exist on a single digital distribution platform. After years of duking it out for prominent positioning in bricks and mortar retailers, with little other than mounting point of sale marketing budgets to show for it, the temptation to do in the digital world what had been impossible in the physical world would be too great. Every publisher would build their own store, with their own products displayed in the shop window and their own direct relationship to the customer. Problem solved.

Problem solved, that is, for everyone except the consumer. The put-upon PC gamer would end up having to install a digital distribution client for every single publisher whose games he wanted to play. He'd need a unique login for each of those stores, he'd need to trust each of them with his personal and financial details, and to make matters worse, he'd probably end up having to maintain separate friends lists on each service, since the chances of inoperability didn't look high.

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F7-2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

"Origin won't actually be competition for Steam - not in any real sense. As a store front for EA's own products, Origin isn't designed to attract customers away from Valve's service - rather, it's a new client that you'll install alongside Steam, using Origin for EA games and Steam for everything else."

Well, I prefer to buy from 1 digital distributor. Having games on EADM (Origin now), but much more one's on Steam. I love almost everything about this service.

Habit is a second nature, you know. I hope there will still be EA games on Steam in the future.

gamingdroid2710d ago

"Its [Origin] objective isn't to inject healthy competition and win market share through a better offering - it's to create a walled-off service that gives EA more control than before over its customers and pricing, as well as boosting the firm's profit margins."

Steam doesn't have expiration on their downloads that you bought? As far as I know, they have never attempted it once, while EA has a long history of it.

What does that tell you?

They are also one of the few publishers (THQ is the other major one) that charge more than the first account to play online! Yup, want to share that console game for online play with other family members of friends, fork out!

EA is a wolf in sheep skin and far more insidious than Activision!!! They have shown that time and time again, but consumers turn the blind eye unfortunately.

Dlacy13g2710d ago

Up until now PC gaming has never really had any kind of divide or competative landscape. I mean sure there were different video cards and specs but all games came to all PC's on a whole.

Valves Steam was a run away success... Microsoft tried to battle but failed with their Windows Live platform. Origins however is a different story. EA has enough in their catalog in the way of exclussives to really carve out a spot for themselves.

While its not the end of the world for PC gamers as can have both services on your one PC. It will suck if Origins really gains market share as it (like the console market) will split user bases...split your friends...aplit your acheivements... basically just mess with how and where you game.

Soon we may see Steam and Origin Fanboys flooding PC articles on N4G. This is going to be an interesting battle to watch.

Megaton2710d ago

No Steam, no sale.

GOG is the one exception to that.

NYC_Gamer2710d ago

i only deal with Steam simple as that

Shackdaddy8362710d ago

I rather just deal with Steam. Especially with all this hacking going on it makes it less likely that my credit card info will be released. If BF3 is only for origin then I will just go to the store to buy.