Top 10 Wii U Nintendo Games We Want

The Wii U will finally allow Nintendo to enter the HD era. Therefore, what better a time to wish for some new Nintendo HD games; we’re not talking remakes either, (or announced games for that matter). Here’s the top 10 Wii U Nintendo games Techtroid really want to see.

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DarkCharizard_2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

#1 Super Metroid Fusion: Zero Mission HD
#2 Star Fox Wii U
#3 F-Zero GTX

nCiTy2736d ago

I haven't owned a Nintendo Console since SNES, and haven't really played on Nintendo since N64 but a Star Fox game with Graphics on par with PS3/360 if not better would tempt me to buy Wii U.

Samus HD2736d ago

you have missed a lot .... A LOT.

nCiTy2736d ago

I'll catch up with HD Remakes. Thats the big thing now.

Samus HD2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

not sure if they make all of them remakes neither half of them
But you're going to enjoy the new HD ones :D

jonboi242736d ago

1. earthbound(mother)
2. a true sequel to mario rpg

AWBrawler2736d ago

i was about to say that

Takoulya2736d ago

Zero Suit Samus in HD. Make it happen.

jc485732736d ago

No more Prime please. Super Metroid HD or a true sequel.

Desert Turtle2736d ago

We got that true Super Metroid sequel with Other M.

colonel1792736d ago

I rather ignore the existence of that game at all. While not a bad game, they destroyed the personality of Samus on that game.


Zelda (obviously)
Mario (looking like Pixar movie)

Nintendo does have a lot of franchises that would look incredible with PS3/PC/360 graphics.

jc485732736d ago

I don't want another FPS game for this series. It gets dumb.

ChickeyCantor2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

`" they destroyed the personality of Samus on that game. "

Thats Samus. Period.

And the prime series are ACE.

AWBrawler2736d ago

fusion samus admits she was afraid and she shows several signs that make her personality in other M seem right

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Lyle912736d ago

I can't really add anything to that article. It would be the best of all possible worlds if those games were made.

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The story is too old to be commented.