Diablo 3 Console Development Almost Confirmed

Earlier this month Blizzard Entertainment was hiring Senior Software Engineer and now they are looking for Network/Graphics Console Specialist.

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piroh2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

let's hope PC gamers get over it


BeastlyRig2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Get over what? As long as it's not changed to mess up my fun who cares? BF3 & The Witcher 2 for example..

I want Pay Day: The Heist also which is an awsome looking sony game on pc!

A long as this doesn't happen with my games it's all good!

I like em hardcore!

STONEY42615d ago

I think Diablo could work on a controller. It's just with Starcraft 2, they would have had to change the entire fundamentals of the game to make it play right.

death2smoochie2615d ago

As long as the PC version does not get gimped in favor of the console version the way Crysis 2 was.
I could care less.
Let everyone enjoy the game.

Perjoss2615d ago

I actually much prefer playing Torchlight on xbox360 to playing it on PC. I think they did an excellent job of modifying the game to work well on the console.

montyburns0002615d ago

@ piroh
"let's hope PC gamers get over it"

get over what? sorry buddy, PC games don't act like spoiled little douchebags when an exclusive game shows up on another platform.

i.e. FFXII, devilmaycry, tekken, gta

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HacSawJimThugin2615d ago

I hope so...this would be a good look for all console fans in general.

nevermore2615d ago

game is looking meh atm

SuperSaiyan42615d ago

I have always played Diablo games on the PC even though I know the 1st one did come out on the PS1 I never tried it.
The first one worked on the PS1 I am guessing due to the fact that you just used the mouse on the PC 99% of the time and didn't need to press buttons on the keyboard, so am wondering how this will fair on the consoles if it does happen.

NYC_Gamer2615d ago

no problem long as blizzard pushes the hardware on both platforms

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The story is too old to be commented.