Nintendo Wii U Priced In Australia?

Nintendo has yet to officially price its Wii U but EB Games Australia has listed the price on its official website.

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pedrami912654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )


Then again, it's just an estimate, we're ways off before the the consoles hits the stores.

jbl3162654d ago

Well Australian and New Zealand gamers are always paying more lol. If this is the real price, I'm sure the USA price will be lower.

MAJ0R2653d ago

well I remember when Gamestop listed the PSV at $999 so it's probably just an estimate

abczby2653d ago

It will be just like when Sony announced the PS3 was $600 - people will be horrified.

Titanz2654d ago

But I'll never pay that price for a gaming console(unless it can b*&% me daily... then I might reconsider).

astar1234567892653d ago

its going to be around 300-350us, just for the fact that the 3ds is at 250us i think at that price is a good start

sourav932653d ago

$300/$350 sounds too good to be true. I'm guessing a minimum of $400. I mean come on,a ps3 goes for $300.

KingDustero2653d ago

Yeah It'll be at LEAST $400.

I myself will wait for the PS4. So far I've seen nothing exclusive to Wii U that interests me.

Samus HD2653d ago

All this games are expected (except for disaster day....)

yamzilla2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

it will be $400-$500 USD I am guessing

and if it has at least one metroid, castlevania or hardcore and visually stunning zelda game, plus, MANDATORY native 1080p for every game with at least 4x anti aliasing, I will buy it the day it comes out!

Here's my money nintendo, just don't fu#% this one up.
I will just play your Wii U games on pc in 1080p in a few years if you do ;)

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