How Dragon’s Crown Will Utilize PlayStation Vita’s Touch Screen - Siliconera

Sony unveiled Dragon’s Crown during their PlayStation Vita presentation at E3, but Vanillaware’s fantasy beat ‘em up is also coming to PlayStation 3. Aside being portable, how is the PlayStation Vita version different?

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zeal0us2738d ago

I was seriously was about to make another lame regarding the sorceress's boobs but think I would pass.

Destructible environment all by the touch of a finger is pretty nice

MasterCornholio2737d ago

I find the shemale worse. Plus the touch screen implementation seems very basic in this game. But anyways what i am looking forward too is Rift and i wonder how the touchscreen will work with it.

zinkabass2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Guys I am telling you,.. Because of the touch screen,.. so much interaction will be so much faster and more fun of an experience in a lot of games,.. (having shortcuts on screen in RPGS, menu browsing and selecting spells, items in Jrpgs,..) Really cannot wait for Vita to hit,..

StbI9902737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Lol at people comparing uncharted GA to the ps3 counterpart, if anything, I prefer to play said GA over and first than a console counterpart.

I mean, resolving puzzles with your fingers? grabbing pieces and recreating a jigsaw? that is such a brain teaser, cleaning a dusted out relic just to fit it in later after knowing the piece archetype? taking photos on different environments then analyze them so you may discover different treasures from?

And that is why Vita won´t pull a psp on us this time.

Would swear on Cathering playing better on the vita than a console with the rear touchpanel, chance.

MasterCornholio2737d ago

The 3DSs touch screen is not even capable of multi-touch right? Looks like Sony has gone ahead of Nintendo with the tech of the Vita. I cant wait to see how devs mess around with the features of the vita.

blackburn102735d ago

What the heck are you talking about? I can barely even understand what you wrote.