Kharma Not Likely To Be In WWE ’12

Creative Director of WWE ’12 Corey Ledesma has stated on Twitter that Kharma is unlikely to be in WWE ’12.

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pepsilover_20072561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Man i wanted to kick some diva ass :(

Mr PS32561d ago

I wanted to see her in a Bra and Panties match

Bathyj2561d ago

You would have liked her wardrobe malfunction then when she was on TNA. Scary.

Ravens202561d ago

wtf is this?

Man wrestling isn't as enjoyable as it used to be. Now it's just filled with a bunch of cocky A-holes

NyGiants72561d ago

That's what wrestling has always been lol.

"I'm the best I'm going to win the title next"- Every wrestler ever

MrBeatdown2561d ago

Didn't they say it would have the biggest roster yet? Kharma would really help out in that department, at least pound for pound.

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