ARS - Alice: Madness Returns brings solid platforming, tedious length

ARS - The original Alice title was a PC exclusive, and remains a collector's item for fans of the darker take on an already dark story. We now have a sequel to that game that continues the story of Alice while also exploring her past. The game features solid platforming and some inspired aesthetic choices, but that doesn't save the game from repetition and a lack of ambition.

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TheLastGuardian20102736d ago

It's terribly sad that people will miss out on this game. Easily one of the freshest, and one of the most unique experiences this year. In an industry filled with shooters, with muscles the size of texas, it's nice to see a game that goes back to the old days of platforming, with a nice focus on art, and psychotropics.

DeleteThisxx2736d ago

Agreed. When this was announced I knew I'd pick it up immediately and I definitely am enjoying all of my time with it.

TheLastGuardian20102736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Seriously what's up with the 3 disagrees? It's your loss if your missing out on Alice 2 simply because of ludicrous reviews.

It's probably your fault that the days of games like Midevil, and Crash Bandicoot are gone in favor for games like Gears, and Cod.

Double_Oh_Snap2736d ago

Well said, reviews are opinions play the game an judge for yourselves. I for one think we need games like Alice: Madness Returns it shows games can be something unique instead of the norm an imo I think Alice: Madness Returns is awesome. Perfect example I'm getting El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron when it launches because it's unique an new, not to mention the games demo was a surprise that blew my mind because I was not expecting anything crazy. So do yourselves a favor an play a game you want regardless of reviews because your opinion is the only one that counts.

Soldierone2736d ago

Totally agree with you on that statement. Personally I miss when games were simply fun and didnt HAVE to have gun in it. We hardly get any AAA releases that don't revolve around guns in some way.

Then Alice comes along and not only do you not have a gun, but its a game centered around a story. All the fanboys were going nuts over games like Heavy Rain and avoiding all the complaints because of story, well now third parties are doing it and deserve the same support.

Solid_Snake-2736d ago

agreed this game is very refreshing. loving it so far.

sam22362736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

"This is a game that would have benefited greatly from being shorter and tighter; the extra length doesn't add anything to the game but tedium."
"I did not finish this game due to time constraints"

Oh my god...oh my GOD! Why is this casual reviewing games?! How the HELL did this pile of crap get approved?! It isn't even a fucking review since he didn't complete the game!

Jesus Christ, I bet if it was 4 hours long, he'd be bitching about it being too damn short!

This gen is doing my head in, I swear to Christ.

TheLastGuardian20102736d ago

Tell me about it.

A game like Alice 2 comes in. 20 hour experience. People complain it's to long.

A fps comes in. 6 hour experience. People complain it's to short.

Jesus christ almighty, people.... :(

Soldierone2736d ago

Personally I skimmed through it, didn't really like the keypoints then I read that part and closed the window. Who knows how far he played. Chapter 1 alone took me about an hour or more to beat. Chapter 2 made me go "wow" again and I bet chapter 3 will push it even further.

A review is an opinion, thats understandable but at least have the consideration to finish a game. If you want to get a review out early than make it a "working review" where you specifically state you will update it when the game is finished. its understandable for titles that are this long.

To request the game be shorter...go back to playing phone games. I miss when games were long.

rataranian2736d ago

This game is bad ass. This guy can go f himself.

vikingland12736d ago

I never played the first one but I was interested in this game because of the art style. And I must say I am really enjoying this game , it has been awhile for a good platformer to come along. I am very happy with my purchase on the plus side I finaly get to play the first one.

Reborn2736d ago

I will pick this up. No doubt.

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