Piracy Causes Project Zomboid to Go Offline

A recent post on Project Zomboid’s page shows how detrimental pirates can be for an indie company. Below is the text of the description from the developers. Keep in mind that this game only costs £5.00, which translates to roughly $8.00.

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agentxk2620d ago

Well, that is a shame.

blitz0x2620d ago

its ridiculous. Its like an 8 dollar game... such a bummer.

evrfighter12620d ago

lol never even heard of it.

charging 8 bucks for an alpha? that's 8 bucks too much.

phosphor1122620d ago


Don't want it? Don't buy it.

captain-obvious2620d ago

they should have published it on steam
and made it NOT work with out it

radphil2620d ago


Tell that to Minecraft. I supported it in Alpha, and look at it now, and it costed MORE than $8.

evrfighter12619d ago

i also bought minecraft in alpha

but notch had free versions of it. so i tried it before i bought it


radphil2619d ago


Fair enough. I will give it that it did allow people to try a small piece out.

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phosphor1122620d ago

But piracy doesn't hurt companies D'=

People these days are pathetic, they'll pirate anything without thought.

Solid_Snake-2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

why is it a shame? they encouraged there customers to get a pirate copy because there game is broken and the community can do there game better than them. they deserve everything they get.

badjournalism2620d ago

reading comprehension fail.

kevnb2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

fix your shit dont just shut down. I mean they state they have potential to lose alot of possible income so they just shut down? This is bullshit, and im glad I never heard of this game.

badjournalism2620d ago

RTFA. They shut down temporarily so they *CAN* fix it without incurring bandwidth costs by the douchebags pirating it.

sam22362620d ago Show
tdrules2620d ago


maybe if they allowed consumers to coveniently buy it without jumping through hoops it wouldn't have been pirated as much

badjournalism2620d ago

What hoops? I hope you're being sarcastic, because I just went and checked out how hard it is to buy from their site and it's not hard. At all.

tdrules2620d ago

well it might have changed in the past weeks but for the past month or however long its been available you had to buy one of the devs indie titles by finding his blog.
he then gives you project zomboid with the game you bought, if they knew anything about business they would realise its not efficient.
also people vote with their wallets, so far its looking like a free flash game, I can understand they're trying to follow the Minecraft business model but at least Notch got it right on day 1

nevermore2620d ago

i came across this game before... my friend plays it a lot.. its not that bad.

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